About Us

We love free stuff, most people do, especially when there are no strings attached, no surveys to fill out, no hassles, or even road trips. That’s why we started Surf4Freebies! We put together great companies that want to get their products in the hands of the public with people who enjoy getting freebies and free samples by mail every single day.

P.S. If you like freebies as much as we do check out our other sample site by clicking here, and here. We post 1-2 daily different samples by mail every single day on both sites, and that’s a promise.

But how are we getting these freebies by mail? Who gives away free stuff by mail? Well that’s an easy answer businesses want people to experience, touch, taste, see, and experience their products in the hopes that people will love the products and possibly come back for more. They spend a lot of money giving out totally cool stuff in the hopes that you and I will like it and spread the word. It’s a simple concept – try it for free and see if you like it, and we love that concept, and we just make it easier for you to receive your free stuff, only safer, easier, and all in one place, sorta like a vault.

We at Surf4Freebies are on a mission. We search for the best of the best free samples by mail from the best companies and put them right here on the site for you to enjoy every day for free. Not only that, but we look for awesome stuff that has no strings attached meaning samples that companies are completely happy and willing to send right to your doorstep hence the term freebies by mail (yep we don’t lie here), and we post the ones we think are awesome on a daily basis.

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We are a family business that cares about great quality, every bit of privacy possible, and having a lot of fun getting free stuff in the mail every single day. We hope you have fun with our site, bookmark it and keep coming back to see daily new freebies by mail, every single day of the week, no joke a sample a day minimum that’s a guarantee.

So, don’t be shy about contacting us anytime or commenting, we love to hear from you and get the word out about getting free samples by mail daily because we know you love your free stuff! And by all means, join the fun and get your free stuff today!

We are so happy to announce that we are now going to be working with the family-owned brand Ficarro Farms (A U.S.A. Company based on organic and green products for a low price) visit them here (they also write well written daily in-depth articles about various subjects), they also blog daily on their other site here, we will soon be offering free organic samples provided by them so be sure to check back daily for that, because here at Surf4Freebies, we know you want and deserve the best freebies by mail, and we want to give you those freebies, every day of the week.

We also sometimes grab freebies by mail from our friends over at Complimentary Crap visit them by clicking here.