How To Get Free Stuff By Mail The Right Way

Here’s a couple of suggestions I have to make sure your freebie surfing experience is as fun, safe and awesome as possible. Because we know you want your free stuff by mail as quick as possible, while keeping it as safe as possible!

1. Unless you want to get phone calls, or messages from the company you’re looking at, then we don’t suggest putting your real phone number, although we always give real legit offers and free samples by mail while guaranteeing none of the samples we post will be unsafe or harmful in any way shape or form, that doesn’t mean they won’t try to contact you for more free stuff, or even to ask for your thoughts!

2. The same goes for email, unless you would like to get emails from the company you’re looking at, then don’t provide your email. Although sometimes you might like your free sample so much that you might want to receive emails from the company, in that case go ahead and put your real email. We here at Surf4Freebies suggest you make a throw-a-way email, one that you don’t mind getting emails at. Just to reduce the strain and hassle of “too many emails a day”. Instead, use your real email and subscribe with us by clicking here that way you can know which freebies by mail you’ll be getting every day!

3. If you’ve been wondering how can I get free stuff well go ahead and check out our sister freebie sites by clicking here, and here, added up with Surf4Freebies you could get up to 4 free things a day, that’s free stuff in your pocket with no hassle!

4. We have a bunch of categories such as men’s freebies, women’s freebies so make sure to check out what you’re looking for over in the category page! It’s just there to make your free sample by mail searching life easier, because who doesn’t like free stuff am I right?

5. Follow us on Facebook, so you never miss a free sample by mail again! Just click here to follow us! We post every free sample by mail we find for you every single day, that way you can get notified, because nobody wants to miss free stuff!